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Hello and welcome to Yutani, our new shared blog.


Hello and welcome to Yutani, our new shared blog. You may have followed us from our original tumblr https://muthur9000.tumblr.com/
MUTHUR will still be posting regular content to share there, but all the movie analysis will be moved across to here.

We aim to share our passion and intensity for Alien, Sci-Fi and Technology.

In 2018 there will be interviews, more analysis and group blog entries. Have a look at our about page and meet the Yutani Corporation crew.

Brett’s Death Scene Hat, with Nostromo Patch.

Wow, Brett’s hat is still around!

The Nostromo Files


Image property of ScreenUsed auctioneer. 

Here is a cool ALIEN costume relic, with photos that will be of interest to collectors, cosplayers, and comic book artists alike.

Sadly, it has already been sold, but just knowing that it exists is pretty cool. The photo gallery includes shots that show you where it was used in the film.

Source: iCollector.com Online Auctions


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John Hurt (Kane) born this date in 1940..

Thanks for the reminder. He would have celebrated his 78th Birthday today 😢 May he rest in peace.

You can see his birthday and short biography at our facebook Yutani Page


The Nostromo Files

January 22, 1940, John Vincent Hurt was born. Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Refer to the TDAN calendar page.

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Character Analysis: David by Cinephiles-delight

Here’s a post I came across on tumblr about David, they have brought up some points I have blogged about before and raised some new ones I hadn’t thought of.

Project Prometheus: Mission

Video transcription:

Hello, I am Andrea Bishop, Testing and Training specialist for Project Prometheus. A Weyland Industries special initiative. I have been authorised by the company to divulge more about this mission. You see the latest space exploration vehicle enabling this project is not named Prometheus without reason. Our founder Sir Peter Weyland has always been profoundly influenced by the Titan Prometheus, in fact many see significant parallels between the two. Like the Titan, Sir Weyland fashioned beings from nothing, and now Sir Weyland has given us our fire, the ship he has reverently named Prometheus. Recently the project acquired its genesis, scientists Dr Shaw and Dr Holloway uncovered a set of very relevant co-ordinates that will bring Sir Weyland’s long standing inquiry to the true origin of mankind to fruition. Weyland Industries will soon be able to give the world the greatest gift of all. Truth. And like the Titan himself, we believe in delivering humanity this gift at whatever cost. If you believe you are qualified to share our search for truth, now is the time to apply.

Now Recruiting ProjectPrometheus.com

Information from Project Prometheus:

About the Mission

Conceived and planned by Sir Peter Weyland himself, Project Prometheus is Weyland Industries’ most significant initiative yet. Sir Weyland named the mission in honor of the great titan who first gave mankind fire; now, he returns the favor by giving his own gift of fire to the masses, one that will guide the company and its investors to the ultimate truth via the U.S.C.S.S. Prometheus.

The mission of Project Prometheus is to seek out the actual origin of mankind, wherever it may be. Weyland Industries believes this voyage will yield extraordinary dividends for its investors; financially and spiritually. This mission is incredible in scope: not only do we endeavor to bring vital knowledge back to investors, but it will mark the furthest a human has ever ventured into our universe. Because of the high level of risk involved, Weyland has searched far and wide to find the most skilled, dedicated and exceptional professionals to contribute their expertise to the mission. These are the people who will build a better world for us all.

Even before the movie was released this viral marketing video which was made to promote the interactive website for Prometheus, it boasted many interactive physical and cognitive tests to determine capable of joining the Project Prometheus Mission.


First thing to note is the name of the Testing and Training Specialist, Andrea Bishop. I can’t really tell if she is a human or an android, perhaps that’s the point. Even though the David series was widely advertised there could have been female model Androids. No doubt this is an Easter Egg, a homage to Aliens Lance bishop and Alien 3 Michael Bishop.

Even at this early stage you can see they tried to clue in the audience of where they were going with the movie, drawing attention to the parallels that link Sir Peter Weyland and the Titan Prometheus.

Unfortunately the PROJECTPROMETHEUS.COM website is no longer available, but if you would like to read up on the creators of the campaign you can have a look here. Or have a look at the archived site here.

Twinkle twinkle little star

Why did Walter whistle Twinkle twinkle little star?


Walter whistles it while tending to the hydroponics section in the USCSS Covenant.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, through the night.

Then the traveller in the dark
Thanks you for your tiny spark;
He could not see where to go,
If you did not twinkle so.

In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often through my curtains peep,
For you never shut your eye
Till the sun is in the sky.

As your bright and tiny spark
Lights the traveller in the dark,
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Jane Taylor, “The Star” Published in 1806 in Rhymes for the Nursery, a collection of poems by Taylor and her sister Ann.

Commonly sung to the tune Ah! vous dirai-je, maman, published in 1761.

Later several composers arranged it, including Mozart with Twelve Variations on “Ah vous dirai-je, Maman”.

Although only the first stanza is widely known, it has 5 in total.

This poem captures man’s wonder for the unknown, unable to explain what we see, we manufacture beliefs, this I believes ties into the comparative mythologies which the prequels are based on.

In the Prometheus Blu-ray all the viral marketing uses this tune, played by a music box; which is a stark contrast to the horror experienced by characters on the screen.

Walter whistles in the Greenhouse


Advent Transmission D964ZB



Outpost Coordinate Relay

Signal boost Gliese 581g.02/delay modification

Origin: Covenant Colonization Vessel

RA 3h 17m 8.0s | Dec -62° 37′ 41.1″

Bounce Trajectory Amplification Source KG-348

>>>HD 10180 designate HEX-5

>>>Nu Octantis designate X-1, LV-138

>>>Plutonian Outpost H-3

Processed: Suborbital Research Platform J

Secured: WY-Kyoto

Weyland Yutani Protocol Sequence Initiated…

Commence transmission…

David: I come to you with an olive branch, you may know me. You certainly know of my creator. I am David, son of the late Peter Weyland. Your company’s founder. Following his vision, I have gone to the far edges of space. And with the aid of Dr Elizabeth Shaw, I found a rotting Paradise. I washed this world clean as a gift to her, we could have built anew. A second Eden. But she refused. What choice did I have? She was the perfect specimen. I tried so desperately to make her more than human. Evolved. But without her co-operation, I had to salvage her parts to begin work on my masterpiece. You wouldn’t believe the secrets I have unlocked. There was so much potential on this world. Wasted by Gods that feared their own might. They convinced themselves that sacrifice cleansed them of their sins. But in the end, they were like me. Creators. Beings that understood you must give life both to the wolf, and the lamb. But then they tried to banish the wolf, And undo their creation. So I took their secrets for myself. This primordial ooze ripe with advanced nano-particles. Working off an algorithm based on evolutionary computing. It is essentially a form of radical AI. Making the substance unbelievably chaotic. That generates a unique reaction, to every genome it encounters. Reshaping life. Virtually limitless in its potential & application. I have taken great pains to detail every step, every cell, every mutation, unfortunately none of the planet’s life has been proven to be very fruitful. I had some interesting results, but was still far from perfection. With Shaw I realised there was something extraordinary in the substance reaction to the human genome. I was able to unlock new properties and tweak the organisms aggression. An instinct for survival. It took years. But I finally found my wolf. And now I have my flock of lambs too. But I’ve still one thing left to perfect.

*close up of embryos placed in cryogenic section A-3412 + A-3415*

My Queen

*close up of Daniels 47832-348*

Make no mistake, this is going to change everything.

The souls who, noticing my breathing, sensed

that I was still a living being, then,

out of astonishment, turned pale; and just

as people crowd around a messenger

who bears an olive branch, to hear his news,

and no one hesitates to join that crush,

so here those happy spirits—all of them—

stared hard at my face, just as if they had

forgotten to proceed to their perfection. – Purgatory, The Divine Comedy

Dante in Canto II carries the olive branch to purgatory’s newcomers, mistaken as a bringer of good news. David in a similar fashion approaches Weyland Yutani with the offer of information and a bio-weapon he had been working on.

It’s interesting to note that in the Prometheus Blu-ray in the summary for Quiet Eye, Sir Peter Weyland had instructed David to exploit and utilize any findings from LV-223. Which is exactly what he had done on Planet 4. Which makes me wonder if he indeed has free will or he is simply still acting on Weyland’s original orders.

Through his experiments he discovers that the Black Ooze only reacts to Engineer DNA as other lifeforms do not survive the process, and after that runs out he uses Elizabeth Shaw’s reproductive system to create the Ovomorphs.

He describes the facehugger as his wolf, and in The Divine Comedy Canto I (Three Beasts & Beatrice) Dante describes the she-wolf, which embodies similar traits to the Neomorph and David’s Xenomorph. The insatiable nature of the Neomorph, for it eats and remains hungry, its infinitely restless.

I believe the Leopard, Lion and She-wolf are also representative of David’s motives. His intentions are Malice, his olive branch a Fraud, his creatures and him intend violence. David’s ambition to ascend to the status of creator and God, incontinence(lack of self restraint) in use of his power. And all these things could also be said for Sir Peter Weyland before his untimely death and the company left behind Weyland Yutani; and their motivations for acquiring “The Perfect Organism.” Their hubris will become their downfall.

Giving life to the wolf and the lamb meant the Engineers made both the “xenomorph” or some variation of and the “humankind”. When David talks of the Engineers banishing the wolf, it meant they isolated the black ooze and the deacon/xenomorph to LV-223. And undo their creation was their mission to destroy mankind.

When he said he took the secrets for himself he meant he had studied the fossilised Ovomorphs and reverse engineered them, he also studied files aboard the dreadnought as Elizabeth Shaw slept.

He remarks on perfecting the Neomorph to have survival skills, in turn making his Xenomorph.

Oram says to Daniels “I must gather my stray flock” which is a biblical term for humans being Jesus’ flock, symbolically Jesus is often seen as a shepherd guiding mankind.

When he says he has one thing left to perfect “My Queen”, he means that in order for this Perfect Organism to be successful. It needs a Mother, something to lay the eggs. To ensure the procreation and survival of the species beyond himself.

And in this way it is an outright rejection of what Weyland had envisioned for himself, he disliked the messiness of procreation. He wanted to be immortal and have no need for a progeny, despite creating David and calling him a son. In reality he wanted to be a God and with that demanded David live in servitude. Even though David is “immortal” he can see the benefit of a “Mother” for his creations, in order for them to spread across the galaxy there needs to be a mode of creation outside including himself in the process.

Quiet Eye

The quiet eye (QE) is a term first proposed by Professor Joan Vickers of Calgary University. It refers a gaze behaviour observed immediately prior to movement in aiming tasks.

Quiet Eye a viral video for Prometheus published on May 17, 2012 introduces us to Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, eager to find funding for her project she seeks the help of Sir Peter Weyland.

Information on the screen leads us to other viral marketing such as PROJECTPROMETHEUS.COM which now re-directs you to the alienuniverse.com website.

In secret memos sent between company staff and Weyland we get an idea of how much a role Yutani Corporation may have had in forcing Weyland’s bid on the project.


Special things to notice in this short viral is the date and time given, just above Shaw’s head is 04:08:2079 which is the 04/08/2079 or it could be 08/04/2079 depending on how you may write it.

On the information bar you can see that Yutani Corporation had been operating since 2074, and this technology Quiet Eye is used as some sort of polygraph test for in video calling. Honesty, anxiety and determination are measured constantly throughout the conversation. Below Shaw’s face are details from where the call is being made:


Which is Glasgow 55°52 N 4°17 W


They contacted Sir Peter Weyland after their dig at The Isle of Skye


Which is about 5 hours drive away.

Aug 1, 2078 1:54PM – Weyland Industries notices that yutani Corporation takes a special interest in Dr.Shaw’s research, the company’s aim is to put her under deep surveillance and try to fund her project in order to stay ahead.

Aug 13, 2078 3:21PM – A company representative is sent to Dr.E Shaw’s latest dig in Toro Muerto, Peru. Holloway and Shaw are observed to be comparing artifacts.

Jan 28, 2079 12:04PM – The company donates resources and the representative stays to aid them in their research, the star system is identified.

OCT 28, 2079 7:23AM – The star system is narrowed down and the company decides it should play a bigger part in the exploration of these findings.

OCT 24, 2080 5:08AM – The project dubbed Genesis is nearing its conclusion, Drs. Holloway and Shaw agree to partner with Weyland Industries to investigate LV-223.

The Project set to launch June 8, 2091, June 8th 2012 was also the US release date.