Creatives: Dominic Hailstone, Concept Art & Creature FX for Alien: Covenant

Super-Facehugger Concept Art by Dominic Hailstone for Alien: Covenant Please make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel Concept artist, creature effects, that's only a fraction of the multitude of talents displayed by Dominic. I was impressed by his practical work on Alien: Covenant, so I decided to find out what started it all. And …

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Death of Milburn, Fifield and Holloway

Dante and Virgil enter a burning desert in Canto 14, confronted with souls laying flat, some crouching and some writhing, their punishment is to have fire rain down on them for all eternity. Some lay upon the ground, flat on their backs; (Milburn) some huddled in a crouch, and there they sat; (Fifield) and others …

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Weyland Industries Timeline

Than goodness someone saved this

Strange Shapes

From Peter Weyland’s first commercially viable cybernetic android to the invention of the atmospheric processor, Weyland Industries has continued to innovate and works towards the realisation of a better world. Over the years, our unique solutions, including a myriad of firsts, have served customers, communities and governments across the globe and helped address many of the universe’s most challenging problems.

Peter Weyland is born in Mumbai, India to an Oxford-educated Professor of Comparative Mythology and a self-taught engineer.
(Notes: Weyland’s parentage highlights his upper class background, as well as a childhood steeped in mythology, such as the stories of the Olympians and Prometheus. His parents seem erudite, capable, and worldly. Weyland’s father is self-taught, and his talent seems to rub off on the young Peter.)

Days after his 14th birthday, Peter Weyland is…

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The Raft of Medusa in Prometheus

The Raft of Medusa by Théodore Géricault (1818) Public Domain The travellers pass “the boundary that divides / the second from the third ring”  [Inf. 14.4-5] and see before them a witness to “the horrible art of justice”: a dread work that justice had devised [Inf. 14.6]. The third ring of the seventh circle is devoted to …

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