Quiet Eye

Posted by Joe Mount, Sound Designer and SFX editor

The quiet eye (QE) is a term first proposed by Professor Joan Vickers of Calgary University.

It refers a gaze behaviour observed immediately prior to movement in aiming tasks.

Quiet Eye a viral video for Prometheus published on May 17, 2012, introduces us to Dr Elizabeth Shaw, eager to find funding for her project she seeks the help of Sir Peter Weyland.

Information on the screen leads us to other viral marketing such as PROJECTPROMETHEUS.COM which now re-directs you to the alienuniverse.com website.

In secret memos sent between company staff and Weyland, we get an idea of how much a role Yutani Corporation may have had in forcing Weyland’s bid on the project.

Special things to notice in this short viral is the date and time given, just above Shaw’s head is 04:08:2079 which is the 04/08/2079 or it could be 08/04/2079 depending on how you may write it.

On the information bar, you can see that Yutani Corporation had been operating since 2074, and this technology Quiet Eye is used as some sort of polygraph test for in video calling. Honesty, anxiety and determination are measured constantly throughout the conversation. Below Shaw’s face are details of where the call is being made:

Which is Glasgow 55°52 N 4°17 W


They contacted Sir Peter Weyland after their dig at The Isle of Skye


Which is about 5 hours drive away.

Aug 1, 2078 1:54PM – Weyland Industries notices that Yutani Corporation takes a special interest in Dr Shaw’s research, the company’s aim is to put her under deep surveillance and try to fund her project in order to stay ahead.
Aug 13, 2078 3:21PM – A company representative is sent to Dr.E Shaw’s latest dig in Toro Muerto, Peru. Holloway and Shaw are observed to be comparing artefacts.
Jan 28, 2079, 12:04PM – The company donates resources and the representative stays to aid them in their research, the star system is identified.
OCT 28, 2079 7:23AM – The star system is narrowed down and the company decides it should play a bigger part in the exploration of these findings.
OCT 24, 2080 5:08AM – The project dubbed Genesis is nearing its conclusion, Drs. Holloway and Shaw agree to partner with Weyland Industries to investigate LV-223.
The Project set to launch June 8, 2091, June 8th, 2012 was also the US release date.

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