Fan Creatives: Project ACHERON, YouTuber – Episode 5 – Yutani Podcast

Here’s my interview with Project Acheron, I have relinquished the reins of this podcast to do something a little different. He’s made a video on his channel of our podcast, have a listen and a look and let us know what you think.

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Clara Fei-Fei/ @muthur9000 What do you like about the Alien franchise?
Project Acheron: Well, mostly I love the cosmic horror or the series the ideas that we are so small in our universe, that other beings have the ability to use us, throw us away when finished will or outright destroy us. the idea of this horrific Giger inspired creature that has no sense of morality or remorse for what it does to its host or the organisms around it, it intrigues me and makes me frighten of whats out there which I guess was the vision of the first Alien film.
CF: Which of the movies or comics are your favourite?
PA: Probably would have to be Alien, Aliens, and Prometheus.
CF: Which variation of the xenomorph is your favourite?
PA: The drone obviously haha i little bland I know but if you think about it no matter what it is the ultimate survivor out of all its cast members, when a hive destroy the specialized xenomorphs like the queen, warriors, and Praetorians are all left in a position where they don’t fit their surroundings, however the drone is solitary and is responsible for creating, continuing and if need be disbanding the hive in order to continue the species.
CF: Which is the most popular?
PA: Probably the Animated Alien Awakening series I have done with my friends Darren and Alex.


Thanks for coming on to the show and I look forward to having you on again in future.

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