Fan Edit: Alien: Covenant [The Necropolis Edition] by uscss-prometheus


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Change Log

The film opens with Meet Walter* and proceeds with David’s birth. Then it’s The Crossing (but it cuts before The Arrival), Title and The Last Supper. There’s a short scene of Walter in the greenhouse added right after. I only added a few things after that. The extended funeral scene. The extended funeral scene. A few shots of the extended Crossing The Plaza scene, but not much. Extended Brother To Brother scene, short one removed. Extra scene of Walter talking about David to Daniels and Oram. Tweaked with Rosenthal’s scene to make it long and slow, like an older movie. Before Daniels goes to cryosleep, we get a flashback of her with her late husband. It closes with Advent, before credits.


*Meet Walter itself is extended slightly to fit the entire song