Yutani goes to Oz ComiCon!

OzComiCon was absolutely jam-packed on day 1, there was plenty to do and much to see.

I bought some awesome Ripley fan art by Lily McDonnell and I got to meet Tristan Jones the comic artist for Aliens Defiance as well!

I have a signed copy of Defiance #6 to give away to a lucky Patreon supporter. Make sure you subscribe to Patreon and help shape our future! https://www.patreon.com/YutaniPodcast

Make sure you go to our Facebook page to look at all the photos or have a look at our Instagram.

Sunday afternoon I decided to take my daughter Ana to have a look at a range of things that were available for her to enjoy, but her favourite part was definitely the superhero obstacle course in the family area.

Looking forward to going again next year!

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