News: Disney Fox Acquisition – Episode 12 – Yutani Podcast

Today there has been quite a lot of news at once, Disney has finally stepped up their bid for Fox assets, design great Richard Greenberg has passed away and fake news of an Alien film rumoured to be in production has the fandom filled with false hope.

Mr.H will be joining me tonight to cover some of this news which we have all been affected by.


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  • Alien 1979 Screen Caps, source:

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Podcast update in the bio 👆 The power of minimalism is displayed in the opening sequence for Ridley Scott’s “Alien” (1979). Credit for this title design goes to Richard Greenberg, with creative direction from Stephen Frankfurt. Inspired by Saul Bass, he continued title design as an art form. Creating memorable pieces such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Independence Day, the Lethal Weapon film and The Matrix along with Bruce Schluter. Richard Alan Greenberg, main title designer on 'Superman' and 'Alien' and Oscar nominee for 'Predator,' dies at 71. Rest in peace Alan. 🔗 #alien #titledesign #richardalangreenberg #restinpeace #design

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  • Fake news, mishandling of information. What’s the responsibility of journalism and how we chose to present information?

Prior to the website being updated, it received 13,913 views. That’s 13,913 people who now think Alien Awakening is in pre-production.

Prompted by this article posted by Chris of Scified:


Back in April Wayne had tweeted about working for Ridley Scott and we reported the facts News: Can’t confirm Covenant.

My article was shared to Perfect Organism a month ago:

When additional information was presented we updated and amended our article. Joshua at Horror Freak News also reported on this information back in May [Has ALIEN: AWAKENING Gone into Pre-Production? Concept Artist’s Revealing Tweets], crediting us at Yutani for the news.


Scified have a collection of twitter accounts and facebook pages with no official affiliation with 20th Century Fox or Alien and use this to spread their articles to unknowing followers.

Watch out for these other accounts associated with Scified:

  • facebook. com/AlienCovenantNews/
  • facebook. com/avpdotnet/
  • facebook. com/scifiedcom/
  • twitter. com/PrometheusNews/
  • twitter. com/alien5movienews/
  • twitter. com/Prometheus2News/
  • twitter. com/USCSSCovenant/
  • twitter. com/GodzillaMovies/
  • twitter. com/JurassicWorld_/
  • twitter. com/StarWars7Movie/
  • twitter. com/scifiedcom/
  • twitter. com/bladerunner_2/
  • twitter. com/terminator5news/
  • twitter. com/venommovies/
  • twitter. com/PacificRimMovie/

Spreading misinformation and false hope are totally unacceptable practices, especially when confronted with the facts and the artist in question who has been taken out of context.

The artists deserve better. The fandom deserves better.

They should take down the article and apologise to Wayne Haag and the followers of their site. Or like any news site with credibility, publish a retraction and not just an update.