This blog is dedicated to the inter-textual analysis of Alien Films and other shared interests of the contributors which revolve around Science Fiction, Technology, Robotics and AI.


Clara Fei-Fei @muthur9000

Founder of Yutani. Admin at A L I E N: Prequel Paradise. Mod at Building Better Worlds. Guest host at The Perfect Organism Podcast. Wife. Mother. Jeweller. Fashion Designer. Geek. Interested in AI, Robotics and the intertextual analysis of Alien movies. A stickler for canon. You can call her MUTHUR.

Michael Andrews @officerjoek9

Admin at Yutani Corporation and A L I E N: Prequel Paradise. Cannot get enough of the Alien series in any form, but cede the title of favorite film to Blade Runner and its’ incredible sequel. Science Fiction interests him greatly and he would enjoy having his own Walter around to discuss philosophy and go on adventures with. A student of history, Mike is working towards a teaching certificate to teach in the United States and abroad about humans and their collective experiences.

Michael Joseph Kenwell

Admin at Yutani CorporationWorlds of Tomorrow and Early Voyages. Mod at A L I E N: Prequel Paradise. A Trek & ALIEN fan since the age of 8, I became a Star Wars fan embracing the Original Trilogy, as the Prequels were released and have always maintained an interest. I am also a fan of several other popular franchises as well such as Babylon 5, Riddick, Starship Troopers, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, ROBOTECH, among other small franchises & films and a fan of Anime & Manga from my youth as well. In the past 10 years my interest in Blade Runner & ALIEN have piqued with those dystopic franchises fast becoming my favourite Sci-Fi films with The THING franchise as a close runner up among my favourites. I’m a strong participant of FB groups, my recently created FB group ‘Worlds of Tomorrow’ stresses a multilateral approach to Science Fiction embracing a large variety of SF franchises/worlds.

Babak Ni

Admin at Yutani Corporation.

Gray Malkin

Admin at Yutani Corporation.

Zoe Wilbe

Admin at Yutani Corporation. Student in Film and Screen studies. Debuting artist from Cambridge.

Luis Lopez Jr.

Admin at Yutani Corporation.

Courtney Coulson
Admin at Yutani Corporation. Cosplayer. Podcaster for The Book was Better, St.Elsewhere (Under Construction), Prometheus-by-Minute. Occasional essay writer. I have had a life-long fascination with robotics and AI, and examining the real-world implications of the technology as presented in fiction.

Christopher Bustos @coalescedchaos



Blogger Gothic Fiction in Space.


Jason Leger @jasonromeo

Admin at Alien Gateway Station. Mod at A L I E N: Prequel Paradise. Mod at Weyland Yutani Bulletin.