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 • Clara Fei-Fei @muthur9000muthur

Founder of Yutani Corporation.

Mod at Building Better Worlds & Admin at Aliens Gateway Station. Intermittent Co-host at The Perfect Organism Podcast. Wife. Mother. Jeweller. Fashion Designer. Geek. Interested in AI, Robotics and the intertextual analysis of Alien movies. A stickler for canon. You can call her MUTHUR.



• Michael Andrews @officerjoek9 31958656_248701069035575_7955884487240318976_n

Admin and contributor at Yutani Corporation and A L I E N: Prequel Paradise. I cannot get enough of the Alien series in any form but cedes the title of my favourite film to Blade Runner and its incredible sequel. Science Fiction interests me greatly and I would enjoy having my own Walter around to discuss philosophy and go on adventures with. I’m a student of history and working towards a teaching certificate to teach in the United States and abroad about humans and their collective experiences.


• Michael Joseph Kenwell

Admin at Yutani Corporation, Worlds of Tomorrow and Early Voyages. Mod at A L I E N: Prequel Paradise. A Trek & ALIEN fan since the age of 8, I became a Star Wars fan embracing the Original Trilogy, as the Prequels were released and have always maintained an interest. I am also a fan of several other popular franchises as well such as Babylon 5, Riddick, Starship Troopers, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, ROBOTECH, among other small franchises & films and a fan of Anime & Manga from my youth as well. In the past 10 years, my interest in Blade Runner & ALIEN has piqued with those dystopic franchises fast becoming my favourite Sci-Fi films with The THING franchise as a close runner-up among my favourites. I’m a strong participant of FB groups, I recently created FB group ‘Worlds of Tomorrow’ stresses a multilateral approach to Science Fiction embracing a large variety of SF franchises/worlds.


• Babak Ni

Admin at Yutani Corporation. Aspiring Screenwriter.


• Gray Malkin @graymalkin28

Editor at Yutani Corporation. Thinker.


• Zoe Wible boatiechatzoe wible

Editor at Yutani Corporation. Mod at A L I E N: Prequel Paradise. A student in Film and Screen Studies. Debuting artist from Cambridge.




• Luis Lopez Jr.ozymandias

Admin at Yutani Corporation and A L I E N: Prequel Paradise. Illustrator & clay modeller, interested in languages, special FX and acting.




• Courtney Coulson @traviandesigns31959880_248706792368336_1732141687498604544_n

Admin at Yutani Corporation. Podcaster, cosplayer, and occasional essay writer. My main contribution to this site is Prometheus-by-Minute, a podcast in which I analyse the film Prometheus one minute per episode. I have had a life-long fascination with robotics and AI, and examining the real-world practical and philosophical implications of technology as presented in science fiction.

Website | Prometheus-by-Minute| St.Elsewhere Podcast


• Christopher Bustos @coalescedchaoscoalesced chaos

I’m 26 and I’m a multi-media editor and creator based out of Minneapolis, MN. I work on my own trailers and fan edits and also create digital and traditional art, graphics, and GIFs. I’m the creator of the Prometheus (Chaos Edition) and Alien: Covenant (Chaos Edition) fan edits released in 2018. The first real exposure I had with Alien was in 2005 when I saw the home release of AVP. I then sought out the four original Alien films which instantly captured my soul. Ripley’s battle for survival, her incredible self-sacrifice, and her eventual melding with the star beast itself struck such a personal chord with me. I knew these films were special. My deeply rooted love for the franchise tipped into an obsession with the additions of the Engineers and David 8 to Alien’s lore when the first prequel, Prometheus, was released in 2012. My venture into Alien’s online community began shortly after. Here I am years later still thinking about Alien nearly every single day.

Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Tumblr


• Jason Leger @jasonromeo31936739_248701869035495_7985431349680930816_n

Admin at Yutani Corporation, Aliens Gateway Station, A L I E N: Prequel Paradise. Blog contributor.





• Paul Ripp @wormriderlv223wormrider lv223

Musician, Editor at Yutani Corporation.





• Frans Hattinghfranz hattingh

Font nerd, Editor at Yutani Corporation. Moderator at A L I E N: Prequel Paradise.




• Philius

Blogger uscss prometheus

Instagram Pinkysride




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• Gothic-Fiction-In-Space

Blogger Gothic Fiction in Space.


• Alice Q

Blogger Iamquantumalice.


• Hammerpedetime

Blogger Hammerpedetime.


• Accerino

Contributor on the LV-426 Discord Server.



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