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The location of Origae-6

Special announcement Rumour control, here are the facts…

Alien Bible

Alien Bible: The Cosmic Horror of Eternal Return

Alien Bible: Kokopelli, Azathoth and The Drinking Bird

Alien Parallels

Kane and David 8

The Covenant and Nostromo Patch

Alien: Resurrection, Alien: Covenant & The Nativity

Alien Parallels: Ash and David

Alien Parallels: Ash and David

Alien Parallels: Ozymandias

Alien Parallels: Two scientists suffer from hubris


Black Mirror

When reality takes a N O S E D I V E . . .


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Interface 3053 Ready for Inquiry: Welcome to Y U T A N I

Ghost in the Machine, my Replika journey

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Merry Christmas from Y U T A N I

Xenomorph’s and Synthetics



Yomjileam: St Ash of Xenomorphs

Mattie Draws: David and Walter

Ashsart: Androids of Alien


Creatives & Interviews

A taste of what’s to come: Gaccari, the creation of a fanzine [POSTPONED]

Khang Le’s Concept Art for Prometheus 2

Keeping Time – My Interview with Scott Middlebrook of Alien Universe Timeline, Canon Keeper for the Alien Series

Creatives: Dominic Hailstone – My interview with Special and Practical Effects Artist for Alien: Covenant



Dark horse comics!


Y U T A N I . P O D C A S T 1: The Disney Fox acquisition and how it may affect the future of the Alien Franchise

Y U T A N I . P O D C A S T 2: Courtney from Prometheus by Minute joins me in this podcast to discuss what we think will happen in Alien: Awakening

Fan Creatives Podcast: Mr H Reviews

Prometheus by Minute

Prometheus-by-Minute Episode 01

Prometheus-by-Minute Episode 02

Prometheus-by-Minute Episode 03

Prometheus-by-Minute 04

Prometheus-by-Minute 05

Prometheus-by-Minute 06

Prometheus-by-Minute 07

Prometheus-by-Minute 08

Prometheus-by-Minute 09

Prometheus-by-Minute 10

Prometheus-by-Minute 11


Prometheus Viral Marketing

Quiet Eye

Project Prometheus: Mission

David 7 Recall & David 8 Pre-Order

Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15

Prometheus & Alien: Covenant Analysis

Character Analysis

David and Weyland as Atum

Character Analysis: David by Cinephiles-delight

David as Satan

Walter as Epimetheus

David as Pandora

David, Weyland & the Prometheus Myth

Michelangelo’s David and Android David

The Witch of Endor and Meredith Vickers

King Saul, David, Sir Peter Weyland & Android David

David 8 Character Study Part I by iamquantumalice

David 8 Character Study Part II by iamquantumalice

Intertextual Analysis

Schleicher’s Fable in Prometheus & Alien: Covenant

David and Lawrence’s Journey

The Metamorphoses


The Holographic Engineers

The Raft of Medusa in Prometheus

Death of Milburn, Fifield and Holloway


Myth of cattle and grain

The Falling Sky Myth

The Holy Grail

The Philosopher’s Stone

The Peacock Angel

The Stone of Jupiter

The Emerald Tablet

Deacon Mural

A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery in Prometheus

The Crossing

Paradise Lost & The Crossing

Alien: Covenant

The Nightmare in Alien: Covenant by Gothic-fiction-in-space

Deucalion, Pyrrha, David and Shaw

Twinkle twinkle little star: Why did Walter whistle this tune in the Greenhouse

Advent Transmission D964ZB

Lumpy Gourd: What does a Gourd have to do with creation?

The Vivisected Engineer

Byron… Shelly… Ozymandias

Noah’s Ark and the USCSS Covenant

Ziusudra, the First Flood Myth

The Davidic Covenant

Gilgamesh flood myth

The Apache False Myth

The Mayan Creation Myth

Ricks, Upworth & Shaw’s Death


Advent Transmission D964ZB

Ted 2023 + Advent Parallels


ALIEN: The Blueprints; ETA 2018 SEP 04

Space communications networks.

“A passion project […] for the love of the ALIEN franchise.”

John Hurt (Kane) born this date in 1940..

“I found it!” (Or, Do navigators use ‘cheat sheets’..?)

Weyland Industries Timeline

Jeff Bond & the Nostromo (Prop Store-London).

StarBeast — Alien: Covenant, the Alien

StarBeast — Alien: Covenant, the Neomorph