Weylan-Yutani Shipping Routes (c. 2122) / “The Lucky 13”

via Weylan-Yutani Shipping Routes (c. 2122) / “The Lucky 13” Happy to help out with this project. More Weyland Industries colonised planets coming up on Yutani.blog from the Weyland Century. Information from the original interactive planetary map from weylandindustries.com MARS: Leo Colony MARS: Valles Colony MOON: Luna Colony MOON: Sea of Tranquility Colony See here for …

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Brett assigned: Corazon Oscuro.

Corazon Oscuro” translated from Spanish to English means “Dark Heart”

What does this have to do with Alien you may be wondering? Well, Author Joseph Conrad wrote a novel called Heart of Darkness published in 1899.

From The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad, he describes Heart of Darkness as “a wild story” of a journalist who becomes manager of a station in the African interior and makes himself worshipped by a tribe of savages.[1] The book raises the question of Imperialism and Racism. [2]

Ridley Scott is believed to be a great fan of Joseph Conrad’s work, having created works based on his book The Duel which Ridley made into his feature directorial debut The Duellists. And of course the more commonly known name to us Alien fans, Nostromo of which Conrad produced a novel of in 1904.


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  2. The Norton Anthology, 7th edition, (2000), p. 1957.

The Nostromo Files


Brett assigned: Corazon Oscuro. July 14, 2108: Brett is assigned to Weyland-Yutani waste disposal vessel as Assistant Engineer, under Captain Speight (Flight Status C). USCSS Corazon Oscuro. Refer to the TDAN calendar page.


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Art in Alien and Alien: Covenant

Buy your own copy of Alien Vault here “Not that the alien’s design was solely drawn from the twisted vaults of Giger’s lobes. For the chestburster, the director asked him to draw upon Francis Bacon’s 1944 triptych Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion. (Bacon’s abstract images are themselves based on the …

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Script Analysis: Mass grave in Alien and Prometheus

In Prometheus when Fifield and Milburn are trapped in the pyramid because of the storm, they come across a pile of dead engineers. Holloway also states when they enter the Head Room that "It's just another tomb." This scene shares some similarities to Dan O'Bannon's original Alien Script, which can be found in the AVP …

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Starlog: Interview with Dan O’Bannon (1979)

“Fox did see a lot of similarity between Alien and Star Wars, and between Alien and The Omen. They picked it up in the first place because they figured they could tap two hot markets. A lot of people thought John Williams should write the score. The director, Ridley Scott, and I wanted a Japanese composer named Tomita. I understand that …

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Character Analysis: Ash and David, Beguiled By Purity

Ripley: Ash, can you hear me? [slams her hands down on the table] Ripley: Ash? Ash: [awakens and starts speaking in an electronic and distorted voice] Yes, I can hear you. Ripley: What was your special order? Ash: You read it. I thought it was clear. Ripley: What was it? Ash: Bring back life form. …

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Parallels: Ash and David, scientists

ASH, HYPERDYNE SYSTEMS – 2120 Alien Universe, 17 Years in between DAVID, WEYLAND INDUSTRIES – 2103 Ian Holm, Alien (1979) Our Universe, 38 Years in between Michael Fassbender, Alien: Covenant (2017) Just a small observation, both Ash and David are observing the Alien lifeform. David gazes through the microscope revealing a mote trapped in amber. The …

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