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I got in touch with the mysterious Mr H on twitter and asked him if he’d like to be a part of our Fan Creatives series, and of course, he said yes. I hadn’t really planned to interview him so randomly, I just decided to get in touch with him after a live stream and he happened to be free. So here’s us talking Alien, Scifi, Robots, his YouTube channel and much more! Beware of spoilers for Alien Awakening (Blomkamp) and The Predator upcoming movie.

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Here’s my favourite video of his, it also happens to be one of his popular ones. Thanks again for coming on to the Yutani Podcast, we look forward to having you on again in future!



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Y U T A N I . P O D C A S T 2

The topic of today’s podcast is what we think will happen in Alien Awakening, I am joined by Courtney Coulson from Prometheus by Minute. We spend an hour discussing all the possibilities for Alien Awakening and go off on many tangents(so please be patient).

We also discuss Kang Le’s Concept Art, Lawrence of Arabia, The Divine Comedy, David 7 Recall, Meet Walter, David 8 Commercial, The Black Ooze, and much more…

-WARNING SPOILERS- We have conversations about Westworld and Ex-Machina and the robots featured.

I also published my new episode Yutani Podcast 2 on PodBean and on SoundCloud.

Here are some of your thoughts on what may happen in the next movie:

“As much as I would love to see a sequel to Alien Covenant, I worry that, because of the poorer performance at the box office compared to Prometheus, Covenant did not give the higher-ups confidence in making these Alien films. Mercifully, they will let Scott finish off David’s arc with one last, final film.

That being said, examining what we think will happen should there be a sequel is still worth exploring. David is the obvious focus of these stories – his creation, what he believes in, how he goes about it, and his motivations all drive the prequels and serve as a vessel for the ideas these movies wish to examine. David’s ultimate fate must be shown or hinted at in the next movie. The implications at the end of Covenant invite us to think he will develop many more Xenomorphs – truly, something worthy of the poster for Covenant itself.

David’s ultimate fate could be ironic: he dies at the hand of his creation he thought he had under his control, foolishly following in the steps of the one he hated, Peter Weyland. Thinking himself a God, untouchable, only to die to his creation. Perhaps similar to how the Queen cuts Bishop in half in Aliens.

It could also be (and the way I prefer) that David is ultimately victorious and knows it. He is defeated at the hands of the Engineers, or the humans sent after him. Defeated by outside forces, the victors torch the newly created species and assume all is won. However, David had contingency plans – eggs left in key places, an Engineer ship stocked full of them, headed to Earth after the defeat of David. The Engineers wipe out the true menace that is David and his aliens, and head to Earth to finish what they start again… but this time the ship and its’ pilot are infected and become the Space Jockey. David’s queen and his species live on. Something like that.

As long as the next Alien prequel contains the same level of philosophical, challenging concepts giving the entire series a deeper meaning that simply was not there before, I could be happy with most stories they come up with. Action on the same level of Covenant would be ideal; I would rather not see another movie similar to Aliens. That has been done and the pop culture around it is overwhelming in its’ strength and the fervour with which people enjoy it.

Ultimately, give me a conclusion worthy of David’s character because David is a movie villain we rarely see these days; one that has interesting motivations has the stuff to do in the film and wins in the end despite everyone’s attempts to stop them. I do not agree with David… but I do understand him. He is relate-able, and that is what makes him so terrifying, just as the sexual nature of the Xenomorph makes it so horrifying. It is familiar. There are Davids in the world today, serial killers and dangerous creators. The Alien franchise is all too real in these aspects.” – Mike Andrews

Y U T A N I . P O D C A S T

Here’s my first podcast, today I discuss the possibilities and current state of the Alien franchise and what may happen under Disney. Plus we have some people who have contributed their thoughts on the company merger. Short and sweet, it won’t take long. Please check it out:

P O D B E A N – Y U T A N I . P O D C A S T 1

S O U N D C L O U D – Y U T A N I . P O D C A S T 1

If you would like to find out more about Fox World you can check it out here. To keep up to date with the Fox World theme park you can check it out here. You can follow Dave Gogel on Xenomorphing. And listen to JM and the team at the Perfect Organism Podcast.

*Amendment, Miramax was sold by Disney to Filmyard Holdings, a joint venture of Colony NorthStar, Tutor-Saliba Corporation, and Qatar Investment Authority, in 2010, ending Disney’s 17-year ownership of the studio. In 2016, ownership was transferred to beIN Media Group.