ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator

Today Fox announced ANOTHER Alien game to be launched 11:59 PM ET on April 25th. It’s an interactive survival horror called  – the ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator – and is exclusively available on Amazon Alexa devices and

The first-of-its-kind simulation immerses you and up to 2 additional  players in a Weyland-Yutani Space Colony in security lockdown.

Weyland-Yutani is inviting civilians to participate in an open Beta test of “The Offworld Colony Simulator” – an advanced system that simulates security breach scenarios in non-terrestrial colonies. Those that participate in the Open Beta will help teach the system’s AI to accurately simulate human behavior in the face of otherworldly dangers.


Weyland-Yutani Career Placement Test

You can get a head start with a multi-question aptitude test to determine if you got what it takes for a role at the interplanetary Weyland-Yutani organization.

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Prometheus Pyramid and Alien Parallels by Jason Leger

@jasonrleger writes a well researched post about the thematic and artistic links of Alien, H.R.Giger and Prometheus for Xenomorphing Blog. Check it out 👇


Let’s take a look at early drafts of the Alien script and it’s relation to Prometheus. The original Alien screenplay featured an unused pyramid sequence that was not filmed in the finished cut, but was ultimately streamlined with the Derelict Sequence in Alien.

Elements of that sequence appeared in Prometheus . The crew of the Prometheus find a large structure known as the “Pyramid ” much like the crew of the nostromo in alien. As Broussard (later renamed Kane) is lowered into the pyramid structure he notices the air inside is completely breathable

” …high oxygen content ,no dust. It’s completely breathable” Broussard yanks off his helmet and takes a deep breath of the air .

This is very similar in Prometheus. When Holloway and the expedition crew enter the structure and soon notice the air is breathable. Also stating the air to be cleaner than that of Earth’s.


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Jeunet approuve!

Congrats @sithfire30
You are a master craftsman. Such a beautiful and glorious homage to Alien: Resurrection and the work of @TheStudioAdi

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The Nostromo Files


I’m going to break with the ALIEN-centric focus of The Nostromo Files to pass on fantastic news.

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ALIEN: Descent

The much anticipated Alien-themed virtual reality (VR) experience will be coming to Southern California. “Alien: Descent,” is a 15 minute VR experience for up to 4 players. Fox will be setting up the experience in a mall, at $15 per head. Scheduled to open its doors at The Outlets at Orange, Orange County, California on Alien Day April 26.

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