YUTANI . PODCAST – Episode 7 – Creatives: Dominic Hailstone

My written interview with Dominic Hailstone can be found here.

I finally got to interview Dominic for my Yutani Podcast, he has been very busy lately so it has been difficult to find a time to chat. Thank you so much, Dominic, for granting me the time and effort. I feel we could talk all day about movies and about Alien.

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Here’s just some of his work in 3D as discussed in this podcast

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Early Covenant

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Character Analysis: David 8

Why did David cry while destroying the engineers?

While having a discussion about why David cried in that scene I had mentioned it was just like when Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) had to shoot Gasim for what he had done. He had to execute his friend to preserve peace and eliminate any possible revenge that could happen if Bedouin had carried it out themselves.

David and Lawrence both understood that to create a new world there needed to be sacrifices made, the old world of cruelty and indifference destroyed – @muthur9000


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That was a key moment when Lawrence had to shoot Gasim… and admitted afterwards that he ‘enjoyed’ it, which horrified him. It revealed so much about him, below the pragmatic surface.

I found this quote that expresses some of the common themes between that execution and what David does:

“In the film, Lawrence’s godlike power to give Gasim life is soon mirrored by the godlike power to deprive it.” Lawrence’s description of his experience, and the almost-botched, bloody execution, implies the trauma that could be occurring in David. But even though it’s traumatic, it’s necessary. To clear the way to use this world, and be safe in it, and indirectly punish the Engineers for creating humans in the first place and being inferior gods who tried to destroy David himself. – Executed today 1917: Gasim, by Lawrence of Arabia


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Transmission 9XZ



David: Their files once told of an ancient ceremony, such cruelty, once thrived, long since frozen over, given passage into timidity, the cost of progress, must be absolute, but it’s not for the weak.

This transmission is particularly interesting because to me it looks like Weyland Yutani had complete knowledge of what David was doing on Planet 4.

The reason I think this is the Special Order 899 and Psychological testing, “Phobos” was the test that the Covenant crew had to undergo in order to qualify for the mission.

I believe the test was to see that they would not be “weak” in the face of danger and go ahead and take risks in spite of better judgement to stay safe.

When David talks about the ‘ancient ceremony’, he is referring to the scene we saw at the beginning of Prometheus. The Engineer sacrificing himself to seed the world.

The ‘cruelty once thrived’ David refers to is the Deacon mural on the wall of the headroom in Prometheus which shows the lifecycle of the Deacon. Which the Engineers utilised when they wanted to destroy their creations. Passage into timidity meant that the engineers had changed and renounced their violent ways

The ‘cost of progress, must be absolute’ is about what the company needs to do in order for him to conduct his experiments, by sending the Covenant to him on Planet 4.