ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator

Today Fox announced ANOTHER Alien game to be launched 11:59 PM ET on April 25th. It’s an interactive survival horror called  – the ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator – and is exclusively available on Amazon Alexa devices and

The first-of-its-kind simulation immerses you and up to 2 additional  players in a Weyland-Yutani Space Colony in security lockdown.

Weyland-Yutani is inviting civilians to participate in an open Beta test of “The Offworld Colony Simulator” – an advanced system that simulates security breach scenarios in non-terrestrial colonies. Those that participate in the Open Beta will help teach the system’s AI to accurately simulate human behavior in the face of otherworldly dangers.


Weyland-Yutani Career Placement Test

You can get a head start with a multi-question aptitude test to determine if you got what it takes for a role at the interplanetary Weyland-Yutani organization.

More info about it here 🔗

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Flora: The Pitcher Plant


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Fig. A (plan view) Local pitcher plants proved useful in the collection of many small animals and insects to the point where often it became preferable to other methods. They are fairly aggressive and use the natural rainwater to catalyse an enzyme genetically similar to the ammonite mucus mentioned previously. This turns the bath acidic so one needs to be quick. If the prey is to be useful as anything more than a skeleton (see Fig A)

One hazard in collecting the specimens is the number of veiny spiders that share the not so much symbiotic relationship as one that benefits the spiders themselves. A clever trick of evolution and adaptability has changed their aspect from lone clinging and presenting them back to an additional layer of camouflage.

Use of local flora: a carnivorous plant and natural sample collection

These species of pitcher plants and indeed so many of the planet’s species display robust and extremely visual versatility and the breadth of patterns and shapes cross over from plant to animal.


To scale

Insects adhere to the sticky internal walls preventing escape until decomposition or rigor mortis sets in and the prey falls to the bottom


three clear developmental stages

growth cycle, exhibited in three clear developmental stages


It is interesting to note that in Prometheus you can clearly see pitcher plants in Elizabeth Shaw’s room while she is trying to find out what killed the Engineers.

Could it be a foreshadowing? I know Ridley Scott hadn’t even conceived the sequel to Prometheus so it was just chance.

Could it foreshadow the trap David had set, he looks like he is helping her but he had more sinister plans. His actions trapping her on Planet 4? Again the sequel to Prometheus had not been written yet, but I am sure these are the sort of conclusions and symbolism people may link between the movies.

Just like the mural in the headroom, which started out as just a homage to H.R. Giger. Eventually, everything develops meaning when it’s original purpose is lost to time and lack of information. But does it really matter? This symbolism is what makes these movies fascinating.


“But in the cosmos there is balm as well as bitterness, and that balm is nepenthe.“ and “For although nepenthe has calmed me, I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men.” – H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Outsider”


Pitcher of Nepenthes distillatoria. A: Honey-gland from attractive surface of lid. B: Digestive gland from interior of pitcher, in pocket-like depression of epidermis, opening downwards. C: Traverse section same.

Nepenthe is a fictional medicine for sorrow, literally an anti-depressant – a “drug of forgetfulness” mentioned in ancient Greek literature (Homer’s Oddessey) and Greek mythology, depicted as originating in Egypt.

Then Helen, daughter of Zeus, took other counsel.Straightway she cast into the wine of which they were drinking a drug to quiet all pain and strife and bring forgetfulness of every ill. – Odyssey, Book 4, v. 219–221


The Australian Pitcher Plant is the only member of the Australian genus Cephalotus.


Nepenthes pitchers hang from tendrils.




Scanning electron micrograph of a pitcher’s inner surface.

Advent Analysis



Weyland-Yutani: Go ahead Covenant

David: In order to help you unlock my research, I’ve included detailed illustrations and charts. For the sake of posterity. I’ve begun with a complete catalogue of the planet’s natural life, such beautiful creatures, poisonous and vicious by nature. Several local species of flower have immense potential for medicinal harvest.

Illustrations of David’s research I have transcribed(this is an ongoing work and will be updated as I go along), I have started adding my research to xenopedia to compile a database of Planet 4′s species and Research sent to Weyland-Yutani.


Amorphophallus Titanium – Xenopedia

Bud – Xenopedia

Corpse Lily – Xenopedia

Dead Leaves – Xenopedia

Cobra Lily – Xenopedia

Large Flowers – Xenopedia

Leaf Veins – Xenopedia

Lumpy Gourd – Xenopedia

Latex Reeds – Xenopedia

Magnolia Seed Pod – Xenopedia

Mote Drawings – Xenopedia

Pitcher Plant – Xenopedia

Poisonous Fungus – Xenopedia

Puff Spores – Xenopedia

Seed Pods – Xenopedia

Various Leaves – Xenopedia

Victorian Plant –



Ammonite Shell Collection –

Angelic En Mortis –


New Ammonite Shell –

Pi Pi Shells –

to be continued…

YUTANI . PODCAST – Episode 5 – Fan Creatives: Alien Theory

Here’s another instalment of the Fan Creatives series where Alien Theory, also known as Derek answers a few questions about his contribution to the Alien fandom and what he likes about the films. He’s opted to do both Podcast and written interview.

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Clara Fei-Fei: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions, I really like your videos. They are so informative and fun to watch. Could you tell me what drove you to create your youtube channel?

Alien Theory/Derek: There was a period where I became obsessed with theory and explanation videos about Star Wars. There are so many talented YouTubers out there that cover the Star Wars universe and I’ve enjoyed their content immensely, though I started to wish I could see those types of videos, but covering the Alien universe. When I couldn’t find any, I decided to make a channel devoted to Alien myself. I wanted to explore certain things I’ve always debated about the films and I wanted to cover as much of the extended universe from the comics and novels as I could.

CF: How much work goes into making a video? How do you choose topics to report on?

AT: A lot of work goes into the videos from all different stages. I don’t know exactly why and when I’ll choose a certain topic but once I get excited about something I’ll begin plans for it, and I try my best to make sure there is a certain context already established within the videos on the channel. I keep a list of topics that I add to regularly but will only start writing a video once I figure out the best way to do it. I like including visuals that look like computerized security footage – or something like that – and those take a while to edit. Including stuff like that is important to me because it gives the videos a cool, Nostromo-esque feel. I trip on my words and mess up on recording the audio a lot so usually, I have to chip away at a 40-minute audio file removing botched sentences and frustrated expletives for a video that may end up being 8 minutes long. Each video can be very time-consuming to create but usually, I’m really happy with what comes out of it all.

CF: What do you like about the fandom? What do you dislike and wish would change?

AT: The Alien fandom is the most diverse of any fan-base of any franchise. Certain fans will feel very passionately one way or another regarding specific films in the series. That’s something I really love because it’s a reflection of the series itself: each film has a different genre and mood and resonates differently with fans. This leads to different ideas of what a proper Alien film should be and leads to very strong stances on the entries that don’t meet a fan’s expectations. People have had strong stances on the quality of Alien Covenant, and that is ultimately a good thing and can help shape the franchise to something everyone will enjoy, but I dislike the pure negativity that comes out of it. And I mean the really, really hateful stuff. It’s been a strange experience to me because on videos I’ve made about Covenant, I’ll receive some very nasty comments, and while they’re not directed at me personally, it’s very disheartening to be the middle-man between a fan’s hatred of a movie and the movie itself.

CF: Which of the movies or comics are your favourite?

AT: It is too hard for me to choose between Alien and Aliens as my favourites from the movies. Both are excellent in their own ways and they are landmark cinematic achievements. Don’t make me choose! Of the comics, I would have to choose Aliens: Labyrinth as my favourite. I have always been curious as to what would happen if scientists had the opportunity to study Xenomorph specimens, and the story of Labyrinth delivered on that prospect beyond all expectations.

CF: Which variation of the xenomorph is your fave?

AT: The “runner” alien from Alien 3 has always been a favourite. There’s something about seeing a xenomorph crawling on all fours like a dog (or ox) that makes it look even creepier.

CF: Which character is your fave?

AT: Ripley, without a doubt. A strong-willed, sensible, determined, and very human – very vulnerable – character. The weight of the entire universe is on her shoulders throughout the original four Alien films and she is fated to fall into these circumstances where she’s responsible for saving the world. She doesn’t march into it without hesitation, but she doesn’t cower from it either. She does what she does in each case because it’s the right thing to do. Ripley has a strong moral fibre and I think that’s very endearing.

CF: Which has been your favourite Alien Theory video to make/work on?

AT: Every time I upload a video on Youtube, it never fails that someone, somewhere, will write “first” in the comments within 30 seconds of it being posted. Obviously, this isn’t something unique to my channel and right at this very moment, there are an untold amount of people writing “first” in the comments of videos being freshly uploaded all over the world. I can’t explain such a phenomenon. But a few months back I did a video on the Weyland-Yutani corporate timeline, and the second I uploaded it, I jumped to the comments section of the video and typed “first.” I have never done that before or since, so I guess I was proud enough of the video to do that.


CF: Which is the most popular?

AT: The most popular video I’ve done is a video called “Alien Vs Predator: A Brief History of the Species’ Conflict,” which was one of the more context-setting videos that I aimed to do. It covered the original AVP comics as well the 2004 film. It’s gotten over a million views so I guess there are many out there who are curious as to why these two creatures fight. I never in my wildest dreams expected any of my videos to get that many views so I’m still in disbelief about that.

CF: What sort of things do you want to work on in future?

AT: I want to keep making videos for the Alien Theory Youtube channel as much as possible but I think other projects would be fun. I have a lot of ideas that I’ve been kicking around that I think could be fun. I’ve always wanted to create a podcast but for now, I have no immediate plans for one.

It was really cool getting to know the inner workings of your channel, keep up the great work! You can catch Derek on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and support him on Patreon.

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Special thanks to:

AVP Galaxy for donating the Alien: Covenant Novelisation.



Perfect Organism Podcast for donating a poster.

PO Poster

Mitch Mitchell for donating 2 digital copies of Alien: Covenant and to Luis Lopez for donating a digital copy of Alien: Covenant and a hand-modelled clay Engineer head.


I have also included another digital copy of Alien: Covenant and my limited edition Alien: Isolation Steel Book Game with Artbook for XBOX 360.


Billy Mansel, one of the Engineer Extras from Alien: Covenant will also be answering some questions 21:00 GMT on our Yutani Alien Day page so be sure to RSVP and tune in!



Alien The Cold Forge
ALIEN: THE COLD FORGE by Alex White PRODUCT DETAILS ISBN: 9781785651939Dimensions: 198 x 130 mm Trade Paperback: 416pp Publication date: 24 April 2018All authors: Alex White

According to White’s literary agent Connor Goldsmith, THE COLD FORGE is about Blue Marsalis, a scientist with ALS who hopes experiments on xenomorphs will lead to a cure. It goes… not well. With test subjects gone rogue and a Weyland-Yutani mercenary sent to kill her, her only defence is a robot she controls remotely with her mind. It’s a tense psychological thriller with two compelling, morally complex leads (Blue and the hitman).

SYNOPSISWith the failure of the Hadley’s Hope, Weyland-Yutani has suffered a devastating defeat—the loss of the Aliens. Yet there’s a reason the company rose to the top, and they have a redundancy already in place. Remote station RB-323 abruptly becomes their greatest hope for weaponizing the Xenomorph, but there’s a spy aboard—someone who doesn’t necessarily act in the company’s best interests. If discovered, this person may have no choice but to destroy RB-323… and everyone on board. That is if the Xenomorphs don’t do the job first.

AVP Galaxy’s Article on The Cold Forge | Buy it here




Courtesy of Gabriel Hardman/Dark Horse Comics


The Trono colony on LV-871 is under attack. Emergency evacuations are ordered. Evac shuttles are taking off. All twelve-year-old Maxon and his mom have to do is make it to the spaceport. Except between them and it are . . . Aliens!

When talking to Gabriel explained, “I was actually inspired to tell the story from the point of view of a 12-year-old boy in large part because that’s the age I was when first exposed to Aliens, I didn’t want to write about Marines or anyone who seems like they could stand up to the xenomorphs. Kids lack power — they lack agency. I wanted to throw this boy into extraordinarily scary and difficult circumstances and force him to navigate it. And not tell it from the parent’s perspective, but the kid’s.”

You can pre-order this comic at your local comic book store…




Alien: Sea of Sorrows An Audible Original Drama By: James A. Moore, Dirk Maggs Narrated by: John Chancer, Stockard Channing, Walles Hamonde, Laurel Lefkow Series: Alien, Book 5 Length: Original Recording Release date: 26-04-2018 Language: English Publisher: Audible Studios

And finally the Sea of Sorrows book is getting a full audio drama release as well:

You can preorder or buy it here on the day.





Concept Artists Dane Hallett & Matt Hatton have dropped teasers for the much anticipated Alien Day.

In Australia, the date is written Day.Month.Year which is why the date varies from 4/26.

7 months ago Dane asked if anyone would be interested in an art book full of organisms, with a resounding yes and some months past, I suspect there will be some sort of concept art book to be released.

Even during Easter weekend, Matt Hatton got in on the teasers as well, to my delight.

For now, we can only hope and wait, and if you tune into my live stream and podcast release on Alien Day you may be able to hear as well 😉




Fox Next Games is expected to release news on their Online Alien Shooter, but Cold Iron Studios had only been given the task of creating the game earlier this year according to Venture Beat.

In my experience, it will take much longer for a well structured and detailed game to be created, depending on the scope of Fox Next Games and Cold Iron Studios vision.

With veterans from the gaming industry with experience from games such as Metroid Prime 3 and Bio Shock Infinite, there is much anticipation this Alien Day for some news.
FoxNext Games president Aaron Loeb had said in a statement. “I am a personal fan of Cold Iron’s previous work and all of us at FoxNext Games are thrilled to be working with them as they create an action-packed persistent world, steeped in the mysteries of this beloved Alien universe.”

More information here

Alien: Descent VR immersive survival game available on location Orange County, California

Alien: OFF WORLD Colony Simulator available on Amazon Alexa


Fellow blogger Xenomorphing and Perfect Organism Podcast member, has made a prediction for Alien Day, he thinks the Alien movies will be remastered in 4K for release. What do you think?



4K remaster and re-release of all movies suspected as 20th Century Fox keep releasing HD trailers…

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